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Family Planning has no side effect

A Physician Assistant (PA) at the Faith Community Clinic in Battery Factory community along Somalia Drive is assuring the public that the use of Family Planning contraceptives has no side effects, but most women and girls who go for the drugs should first test their blood type to know which contraception to take.

In an interview with this paper on Tuesday, 26 October PA Winston Sarploh said women, who experience side effects from taking contraception did not go for infection test or establish their blood level prior to taking in the drugs.

“Most of the women that take Family Planning these days do not go to the hospital to get tested; they take their planning on the corner side and when they get affected, they blame the planning, but Family Planning itself does not have any side effect”, Mr. Sarploh noted.

However, a resident of the same community only identified as Winnie, complained that the contraception she has been taking caused so many problems in her body, narrating that after being on the five years prescription, she experienced continuous bleeding, which has led to fibroid.

“I took this planning because when I had my son five years ago, I was still in grade school, so I decided to take the planning to prevent me from having children while I was in school. But now the planning has expired in my hand and I cannot stop bleeding. I was diagnosed of fibroid and I need an operation.”

According to her, while on the five years contraception, she bled for a while and then for one straight month followed by swollen face and stomach. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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