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Fans attack Benedict Yassiah

The Liberia Referee Association has declared a ‘no go zone’ for New Kru Town and West Point Sub- Association National League following a brutal drama that left several persons seriously wounded.

Speaking to this paper, the chief referee of the association, Mr. Lamina Kamara said, the action of the fans and players attacking referees in the local league has become frequent and worrisome.

The statement came a day when the fitness teacher, Mr. Benedict Yassiah nearly lost his sight on Tuesday evening following punches he received from angry spectators at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) in Monrovia.

Also affected from the attack was the Central Referee Davie Kollie,  who was deeply wounded in a game between No Bad Day’ FC of  West Point and Mighty Conqueror FC of Bong County, in a national third division playoff. It can be recalled that a league match between Watanga FC and Barrack Young Controllers (BYC) was forced to an abrupt end due to similar reasons earlier this year.   

The final in Group ‘B’ that turn bloody on Monday at the ATS when a fan based club got very angry by the decision that was taking by the central referee in the game David Kollie. Central Referee commonly known as Capt 10, in the last ten minutes of the game awarded Mighty Conqueror FC   a penalty after the ball reportedly touched the hand of a player of No Bad Day in the penalty box.

Kollie, had earlier handed a red card to a player of No Bad Day and 80 percent of his whistle were also against the New Kru Town supported club in the second half of the match, leading supporters to invade the pitch after he blew for what appeared to be a handball in the six yard box.

No Bad Day FC needed just a draw in the match to move to the second division, while Mighty Conqueror needed three points to sail through. Fans of No Bad Day invaded the pitch, protesting that the penalty was unfair in the midst of stone throwing against match officials, bringing the match to an abrupt end without the penalty kick.  The referee was rushed in the referrer room while in the process central referee aka Capt 10 was attacked physically by fans of No Bad Day FC.

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