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Farmer Butchers Wife Over Extra Marital Affairs

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaA 30-year old man has been charged with rape and murder by officers of the Criminal Services Division (CSD) of the  Liberia National Police detachment in Bong County.

Emmanuel Gotolo it is alleged, raped and subsequently, killed his girlfriend in the town of Yeakai, Kokoyah Statutory, Bong County on March 5, 2012.

According to Police investigation, the incident occurred when Emmanuel, currently in detention at the Gbarnga Central Prison awaiting court’s trial, reportedly told the deceased Nancy Sumo to take him on their farm to butcher a meat he has killed to be sold on the local market the next day.

The Police findings further revealed that when the couple arrived at the kitchen spot on the farm; the murder suspect wasted no time to engage the deceased in a fist fight which lasted for several minutes evidenced  by the smashing grass in the area the body was discovered during Police search operation. 

Gotolo  reportedly  over  powered his deceased girl during the fight  razing  her to the ground helplessly allowing him the opportunity  to rape her and later mutilated her  sex organ  before finally  taking away her life in cold blood.

Medical examination also confirmed the deceased was sexually abused and her sex organ tempered with based on specimen gathered from the clothes she had on during   her death.

It was gathered that the duo have been  in home conflict for nearly six months with Gotolo accusing his girl friend  of having extra marital affairs,  an allegation the deceased  persistently denied until she met her gruesome  murder.

Gotolo  who is facing  dual capital offences; told Police investigation  that he suspected  his girlfriend of having an affair  with one Emmanuel in their village  and that the situation has really played on his mind. But that the girl did not care to listen to him about his miss-feeling regarding her unusual behavior towards him in the home.

“Almost six  months, Nancy refused to have sex with me despite all the care given her”  Emmanuel lamented as he burst into an uncontrollable tears at the Gbarnga Police headquarters just few minutes before he was taken to the central prison to be remanded, as he awaits his trial.

Family sources also told the New Dawn correspondent that the deceased had earlier put in for divorce nearly a month before her death due to the constant misunderstanding and persistent accusation of having extra marital affairs. But rescind her decision when other town members including Emmanuel’s (her husband) family prevailed on her to remain, a plea she accepted.

During Police investigation, Gotolo admitted to the commission of the crime and pleaded for forgiveness saying it is the work of the devil.

“It was  not my intention to kill Nancy but the devil actually  fool me ; up to now  I can’t get over my action; it looks like a dream “ Emmanuel pleaded, as  he tried preventing a direct eye contact with the deceased sister who was at the Gbarnga Police headquarters to witness his departure for detention.

The death of  Nancy a mother of four children sent a shock wave across Kokoyah District  which resulted to  locals abandoning  normal farming activities for nearly two  weeks while they  went in pursue of Emmanuel Gotolo for his gruesome act.

Following nearly two weeks of search operations; the murder suspect was finally captured in a nearby town from Yeakai by the citizens and turned over to Police for investigation.

According to some local villagers where Emmanuel was captured; he had attempted getting food from a Kitchen not too far from the town when a group of young men from the town spotted him while on their way from brushing a farm.

He was immediately surrounded and captured by the group of young men who later turned him over to the town chief for onward transfer to Police in Gbarnga. The death of Nancy Sumo brings to three the number of women killed in recent months in Bong County by husbands linked to extra marital affairs.

Early this year, a  woman believed to be in her mid-twenties was stabbed to death by her boyfriend, Clarence Lepolu on the Lofa Road for allegedly  having an  extra marital affair, while another man Morris Duo was arrested in Kokoyah district for beating to death  his  pregnant wife following a misunderstanding  between them.

The three murder suspects are currently detained at the Gbarnga Central Prison awaiting prosecution for their alleged actions.

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