Farmers seek support for merchandise farming

A local farmers’ group here has reawakened an appeal to government and its partners including the World Bank, USAID, African Development Bank, UN agencies and the EU for US$100 million to enable Liberian farmers procure farming equipment and supplies.

A contact person at the National Farmer Cooperative of Tarlesson Farms, Inc. Mr. Moses Diggs told the NewDawn on Monday, 3 July that the group seeks to make Liberia food sufficient and to transition from farming with hand – held cutlasses to mechanized farming.

The group in April this year embarked upon the campaign which seeks to mechanize farming activities here, create employment opportunities and engage in massive production of food and other farm products for local, regional and global markets.

The National Farmer Cooperative of Tarlesson Farms says the US$100 million that is being requested may be paid directly to the equipment supplies against proforma invoice or in – kind contributions including supplies.

The farmers’ group which claims to have 200,000 smallholder members vowed that its members are willing, prepared and committed to repay the money requested, if any is a loan.

“With US$100 million farming and heavy earth moving equipment, farmers in Liberia will immediately revise farming and the economy in Liberia”, the group says in a statement.

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