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Fashion model sings ‘old songs’

Liberian fashion model, McDella Cooper, has begun talking plenty here like all other presidential aspirants, complaining about too many things and claiming to have the capability to change for the better if majority of voting age Liberians would listen to her and vote her as president in 2017.

According to Madam Cooper, too many Liberians were suffering and living below U.S. one dollar a-day, and many more young people were not getting education due to the same poverty – sounding just like some of the self- acclaimed political messiahs Liberia has always had.

The Fashion Model Copper, who now leads the Union of Liberian Democrats or ULD, spoke on Prime 105.5 Fm on Tuesday morning, 1 November, saying she will provide jobs and electricity for Liberian citizens and also decentralize the government.

She wondered why Liberia cannot do things that are done in America like educating its young people, building hospitals and schools by using the money it gets from the America and Europe when they come here to buy natural resources from the country.

“You know what’s happening in Liberia; We have a big issue with jobs. There are people in this country [that] live below a dollar per day. You think that’s a system that works for every Liberian because you have a job?” she argued, saying “whether live or die” she will change Liberia, further arguing that Liberia was not for the Congo people, and as such, she wants to fix the country so that every person can benefit.

“Our people are suffering in this country,” she indicated, saying “if one leaves Montserrado County and goes outside, in Margibi County people are suffering”. She claimed that people don’t even have clothes to wear, promising to take her service to Liberians at the governmental level so that she can be able to do more, because Liberia needs help and those in the positions have to come to the table.

She claimed that 90- percent of the homes in Liberia are run by women without the availability of men to help such women buy food for them or pay tuitions. According to her, all of the politicians were riding big vehicles. But there are reports claiming that Madam Copper has seen Montserrado County Sen. Mr. George Weah as better sports ambassador for her administration if she were elected president.

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She could be just another female presidential aspirant for the 2017 presidential election, in addition to former First Lady, now Bong Count Sen. Jewel Howard Taylor who has declared a no go zone in the former ruling National Patriotic Party or NPP.

By Winston W. Parley

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