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Father Burns Son

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A 41 year-old man, Emmanuel Dayer said to be the biological father of a seven year old Jerome Dayer, is suspected to have brutally burnt his son with a hot pressing iron on the palm, over complaints that the victim had eaten over foods kept for others in his house.

Although the accused father Emmanuel Dayer, claiming to be UNMIL Warehouse Assistant, denied intentionally pressing the victim’s hand with a hot iron, he told this paper Wednesday December 8, 2010 at the Gardnersville Zone#4 Police Station where he’s placed in cell, that his son felt and got burnt by a hot pressing iron while beating him for eating over others’ food.

But victim Jerome in his narrative sadly told the police that on December 1, 2010, he was reported to his father for licking in soup pot, thereby angering his father to have treated him for such. “My father burnt me with coal iron because I licked in the soup pot,” said the victim.

Suspect Emmanuel Dayer, averred he was not in his right mind, but said he was angry because with all the food available at home, his son continues to steal over food.

“On December 1, 2010 when I came from work, I was told by my daughter that he (Jerome) ate over all foods that were on the table. After I took my belt and started to beat him. While beating him, he felt on the hot iron and got burn from the iron,” said Emmanuel.

Police source revealed that the victim is living with his biological father and a step mother called Doris Mulbah. Suspect Emmanuel claimed to have ordered the mother Doris to take the child to an unidentified community clinic for treatment at their Topoe Village residence.

The woman denied being step mother, but said the boy has been undergoing treatment and was surprised that the incidence was reported to police by unknown people.

However, the mother Doris and suspect Emmanuel are all behind bars, as Emmanuel was charged with aggravated assault.

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