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Father jails son for terroristic threat

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It was a shocking moment at the Temple Justice Wednesday, 1 July when a father identified as Samuel S. Dean, Sr., issued writ of arrest against his 21 years old son Samuel S. Dean, Jr. for the act of terroristic threats, resulting to the junior’s detention at the Monrovia Central Prison.

The father, Mr. Dean who was seen very emotional in his wheelchair on the grounds of Temple of Justice, says his son has been a very bad child. He accuses his son of being allegedly involved in lot street activities ranging from alleged drug addiction, robbery and the abduction of of teen street girls, among.

“I just want to go home, sleep in peace and get ready for my treatment tomorrow. There is no big school in Liberia [that] I didn’t send this child – J.J. Robert High School, Ricks Institute, American International School System and you just name them,” Mr. Dean narrates.

“But this child decided to bring shame and disgrace to me; smoking drug, hijacking people for their phone and even following arm robber to rob at night,” the father narrates further. He continues that because he wanted his son to change for good, he took the 21 – year – old to counselling center where he stayed for nine months.

Unfortunately for Mr. Dean, he says it didn’t take too long when the authority at the center asked him to pick up his son due to his misbehavior at the center. According to him, there was complaint that his son went into the ceiling of the counselling center, cut all the electrical wires and even threatened to burn the people’s building.

Mr. Dean laments that one day while he was at home resting, his son and his street friends attacked his (father’s) house and made away with all of his belongings including Television set and Ice box, among others.

He notes that while talking to his son about his behavior and warning him that it could lead him into problem, his son allegedly pushed him of his wheelchair, ran to the kitchen, got a knife to stable him (the father) before community dwellers came to his aid.

According to the police charge sheet, in violation to Chapter 14 Section 14.24 of the Revised Penal Code of Liberia, defendant Samuel S. Dean Jr. was arrested and acquainted with his constitutional right, investigated and subsequently charged with the offense of terroristic threats.

Police say they charged the accused for purposely, knowingly and intentionally threatening his biological father that he will burn his house and kill him on 15 June.

“During our investigation conducted at the Crime Against Person Unit, investigation revealed that after several years defendant Samuel Dean Jr. started associating himself with drug users and also joined those criminals to hijack people’s phones on the street as well as putting them at gun points for their own selfish gains,” the charge sheet reveals.

The police continue that defendant Samuel Dean’s father took him to a church located in Paynesville, Newzoe Community where some of the drug users were undergoing rehabilitation, hoping that he would be rehabilitated to enable him to be reintegrated into the community.

The investigation further established that after a few months of stay in the school, defendant Samuel Dean, Jr. insulted the Pastor and the elders at the school and left.

Police say he went to his father’s house where he threatened to kill him (father) and burn down his house. It was revealed, police say, that during an interview, the defendant admitted to what his father said.–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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