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Father of twin begs for help

As the deadly Ebola virus continues to afflict the population of Liberia with the death toll hitting nearly 2,000, a father of a three month old twin in Margibi County, whose wife recently succumbed to the virus has begun begging at street corners, seeking support from county authorities, humanitarians and aid charities, including Save the Children to take care of his infants.

Mr. Abraham K. Kollie and his twin

Speaking to reporters at the Kakata Administrative Building in Margibi where he had gone with his twin to seek help, Mr. Abraham K. Kollie, said his wife died on September 10, 2014 at the ELWA Ebola Treatment Unit in Paynesville, a suburb of Monrovia after she was admitted as a suspected Ebola patient. He narrated that his late wife, Serena Kortu, showed symptoms of Ebola on Thursday, September 4th.

Mr. Kollie said when her health deteriorated, he called the Margibi County Health Team to take her to the treatment center in the county, but to no avail, something that led him to contact the National Ebola Taskforce in Monrovia, which intervened, mandated the county health team to handle the case.

He accused the Margibi County Health Team for abandoning his wife, which worsened her condition. According to him, when the team went in his house, it only took down the particulars of his wife and promised to return later. Further narrating his ordeal, Kollie said the team did not return to the house until Wednesday, September 10, 2014 when his wife was taken the center where she died the same day.

He said the deceased vomited once and showed signs of diarrhea, similar to Ebola, pointing out that since his wife died, he has been feeling the twin with milk that cost L$550, which he can’t afford to buy after every four days. The helpless father appealed to the Government of Liberia, Save the Children, county administration and other philanthropists adopt the babies for better care.

“I want the Government of Liberia or anyone who can take care of my children to take them; the only thing I want is I should know where they will be so I can visit them one-one time”, he pleaded. He expressed willingness to be quarantined for 21 days because he was the one catering to his late wife after she contracted the virus.

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Kali also wants government to adequately care for patients undergoing the 21-day observation period to avoid them from getting out in search of food, warning that this could cause them to infect others while finding food. When contacted, the Acting head for the Margibi County Health Team, Doctor Adolphus T. Yeiah, said he could not comment because he has no knowledge of the case.

“I can’t give you that information because I don’t have information on all the causes of death; you know that Margibi is a high place of death and there are lots of deaths occurring in the County”, said Doctor Yeiah.

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