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FDA detests bush meat hunting

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Forestry Development Authority or FDA had frowned at those still involved in hunting animals in the country. The Government of Liberia has imposed a ban on the sale or eating of primate commonly referred to here as bush meat.

The FDA says wildlife in the forest is not meant for hunting, but for future generation to have a better ecosystem.

The Agency is also warning rural dwellers to stop cutting down trees in the forest, adding that trees are there to protect the wildlife.

“If we continue to cut down all of the trees, the animals will not survive”, said the acting FDA Managing Director, Harrison Kanwea.

Speaking Wednesday, 10 September at the head office of the Crusaders for Peace during the official launch of its Ebola awareness campaign, director Kanwea said the awareness campaign is intended to educate, sensitize, and inform the public how to protect itself against the virus.

The campaign, which has been launched in five counties, including Nimba, Bong, Montserrado, Lofa, and Bomi, brought together officials of government, members of civil society groups, and residents from various communities in and around Montserrado.

Acting director Kanwea underscored that 30% of the forest must remain in reserve for future use, and warned that anyone found in the forest cutting down trees and hunting animals will be prosecuted. The FDA boss said cutting down trees will drive most animals into the city that could create a difficult situation hard to handle.

He said Ebola is something that is very dangerous to the health of the Liberian people, and Liberians should not restrict the response process to the government only, because it requires the full cooperation of everybody by following all of the preventive measures instituted by the Ministry Health in order to stay safe.

According to the FDA Boss the only way to control the virus is by taking all of the necessary precautions, including washing hands, staying away from dead animals, and dead bodies, among other things. For his part, the head of the social mobilization committee at the health ministry, Rev; John Sumo told participants to stop hiding dead bodies, and sick patients. He

He said the habit of hiding infected loved ones in communities or from health authorities, will not do them any good, but exacerbate the  sickness, by  worse and giving them the opportunity to spread the virus to other communities. He said the idea of reporting sick or infected patients to hospitals is to enable them to have free early treatments that could yield possible survivals.

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