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Fear Grips Behwan Citizens Following Mysterious Deaths

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Reports say residents of Behwan City in Trehn District, Grand Kru County are living in fear over series of mysterious deaths in recent times. Our correspondent said three young men were reportedly killed in a period of three months.

He said the first murder which occurred this year involved Fred Cuffy, who is said to be the brother of Mr. Charles Cuffy of the Liberia Broad Casting System or LBS.

According to sources, the late Cuffy was killed by some unknown men who ordered him out at midnight while he and his wife were asleep. The wife (unidentified), told our correspondent that before her husband’s death, he was unable to identify or describe the men who he said had stuffed him with something believed to be alligator bile.

She narrated further that while the late Cuffy was out with the men, she assumed that he had gone to transact business with customers or rubber buyers, but she latter heard sounds which appeared like there was some wrestling ongoing between her husband and some people.

“In a few minutes, my husband came in helpless, and could not explain anything better to me,” she narrated. The wife said while the victim was complaining of his stomach, he was quickly rushed to a medical center where doctors pronounced that he was already poisoned and that nothing could be done about it.

Our correspondent gathered that another shocking death involved Reverend Jonah G. Nyemah, Senior Pastor of the F.A. Price United Methodist Church/LAC. The pastor was said to be a popular businessman in Behwan. He was allegedly killed by his grandmother, biological mother and others.

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