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Rural News

Fear Grips Locals In Grand Gedeh

The United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) movement and deployment of war-like materials, including contingent (troops) ahead of Tuesday’s run-off is reported to have created panic among locals in Grand Gedeh County.

According to our correspondent, UNMIL movement and deployment of war-like materials in towns and villages early Sunday throughout the county has put fear in residents with most of them wondering whether sometime was about to happen.

“When we wake-up this morning (Sunday), we see the deployment of the Pakistani contingent of UNMIL in combat readiness.  Though, we don’t know what’s happening but we understand this is being done throughout the county,” one of the locals told this paper in Toe Town.

Our reporter said amour carriers and other military hardware are also being posted at various entry points into Liberia with neighboring Cote d’Ivoire, which stay is having a divided population in the aftermath of the ousting of Laurent Gbagbo this year.

The second and final round of the election is expected to be held between the governing Unity Party and the lead opponent, the Congress for Democratic Change, but the latter has announced a boycott of the process since last Friday.

However, incumbent President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, who is seeking re-election, has reacted sharply to the call for boycott, instead urging the electorate to ignore the move by the CDC and turnout in their numbers to vote on Tuesday.

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