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Female entrepreneur adds value to local produce:

Urges government to build farmers’ skills

By Lewis S. Teh

A female entrepreneur, and chief executive officer of Jazoe Incorporated, a Liberian- owned business Mrs. Jarzoe V. Bhatti urges the Government of Liberia to build skills of local farmers and add value to their produce.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday, September 21, 2021, at her office in Battery Factory community along Japan Avenue outside Monrovia, Mrs. Bhatti said her company, Jarzoe Incorporated, has embarked on a production of made in Liberia produce especially, red palm oil that is ready for the Liberian market, adding that the production will help add values to farmers’ lives.

“I’m a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, and a patriotic Liberian who wants to see her country on the world map, and I’m engaging into this oil business to encourage others especially, those in government to support Liberian-owned business”, she says.

Locally produced palm oil

She reveals her company is into several businesses with a five-year goal one of which is venturing into Liberian- owned business by purchasing oil from local farmers processing it and putting a Liberian logo on it before putting it on the market or exporting it to the United States and other parts of the world.

“We have a water company and other companies, but the oil business here is mainly intended to add value to farmers’ lives.  I’m a businesswoman that travels around and all of those countries I visited like Ghana I have seen their products in African stores especially, oil in a bottle bearing their country name, but I didn’t see anything from Liberia”, she explains.

She notes that it was against this backdrop that she thought to venture into the oil business to put Liberia on the map by exporting bottled red palm oil-bearing Liberia’s name for sale, adding that it’s about time Liberia gets involved in more exports.

“We can’t continue to rely on imported things; if we must improve as a country then the need to export our products must be given serious consideration.”

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Mrs. Bhatti says her company is using bottled oil as a first step, noting that subsequently, she will venture into African food for export.

” It’s time for us who are business people, including the government to sell Liberia in a positive manner to make others believe that something good can come from this country”, she adds.

At the same time, she calls on well-meaning Liberians especially, those in business to embark on seminar business, saying, “For me, I want to see Liberians lifted from one point to another especially, the farmers who are struggling because their products are not marketable.”

“Now we taking the oil from Bong County and in the soonest possible time we will be extending our purchase to the rest of the counties, and all this is geared towards lifting our people because government alone can’t do it all, this is why we want competition so as to be like our counterparts.”https://thenewdawnliberia.com/agriculture-boss-pens-3-projects-to-empower-farmers/ Editing by Jonathan Browne

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