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Finance Ministry hosts CSOs

The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning is holding a two-day dialogue with civil society organizations, on the recommendations proffered in the “Shadow” budget option paper developed by CSOs during the formulation of FY 2020/2021.

According to a press release, the event is being organized by the Non-State Actors Secretariat and Budget Department at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning.

The shadow budget option paper developed by the CSOs seeks to enhance accountability and transparency of how resources from the government will benefit the people.

Deputy Finance Minister for Budget and Development Planning Tanneh Brunson said it is through the ongoing dialogue that government and CSOs can deliberate and derive solutions to the many challenges.

Minister Brunson reveals the event will also provide a platform to share with civil society organizations on the proposed public participation mechanism government has developed with support from the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT).

She says government is ready to work with stakeholders in ensuring that fiscal transparency targets are met.

She says this means that government and CSOs, including development partners, must promote and continue the transparent and accountable dialogue, adding that the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning pledged to support and cooperate to the fullest to such endeavor.

The budget minister indicated that transparency and predictability of resources are vital in enabling Governments’ to exercise a leadership role in directing and monitoring public sector investment.

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She notes that it is a prerequisite for effective sector planning in the medium and long-term, and crucial to governments’ capacity to hold external support agencies accountable as well as the government itself.

According to the deputy minister, promoting good governance is a key strategic objective of the national development agenda, because it signifies open, inclusive, accountable, and effective public institutions.

“This government recognizes the importance of promoting good governance and is implementing reforms on good governance and anti-corruption including forums such as this to engage citizens and civil society to complement government efforts to promote good governance”, Minister Brunson adds.

She points out that good governance outcomes include lowering corruption, better budget utilization, and better delivery of public services, and increased state or institutional responsiveness.

However, she says citizen engagement in good governance improves access, responsiveness, inclusiveness, and accountability in the delivery of public services such as health, water, education, and agriculture.

“It also improves transparency, accountability, and sustainability in natural resources management”, she stresses.

The deputy finance minister went on to say that citizen engagement is being increasingly used as part of good governance to curb corruption in a variety of development programs such as service delivery, public financial management, natural resources management, as well as to hold public officials accountable through programs such as assets and liabilities disclosure and monitoring, citizen report cards, and public interest litigation.

“Participatory budgeting initiatives can contribute to multiple outcomes, including improved public services, redirection of resources to poor communities, new civic associations, and strengthened democratic processes.

It is through your engagement as citizens and civil society to demand and promote good governance that the overall effectiveness of good governance and anti-corruption programs be improved” she tells participants. https://thenewdawnliberia.com/finance-minister-promises-liberian-owned-businesses/

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