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Finance Ministry hosts visioning workshop

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Ministry of Finance has announced a two-day visioning workshop from February 14-15, 2014 in an effort to reach a common understanding of the strategic direction of a future Ministry of Finance and Development Planning.

The workshop will involve agreeing on a vision, mission and core values of the new Ministry, including organizational structure, functions, staffing and human resource issues.

Meanwhile, an agreement on the essential next steps and timeline for deliverables will be highly attended to during the two-day seminar, which is also meant to bring internal and external stakeholders together.

It will unite authorities from the merged ministries of Finance and Planning and Economic Affairs, as well as members of the steering committee and working group, and development partners.

Following legislative approval in September 2013, the Government of Liberia has fully committed to the establishment of a Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), which combines the core functions of the former Ministries of Finance, and Planning & Economic Affairs.

According to a press release from the Finance Ministry, the ACET has been supporting the Government of Liberia by undertaking in depth for the past eighteen months, including the preparation of work to provide the necessary inputs into the operation of the new ministry.

These include the conduct of staff and job audits, the preparation of the strategic communication plan and the development of staff and human resource strategy.

With the approval of the Act establishing the new Ministry, the objective now is to have a full functioning Ministry of Finance and Development Planning effective July 1, 2014, the release said.

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