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FIND Director Praises U.S. Gov’t

Just days after the US Government criticized the role of the Armed Forces of Liberia in the West Point row, the Executive Director of the Foundation for International Dignity (FIND) has reiterated calls for Community-based approach in combating the deadly Ebola Virus Disease.

Mr. Roosevelt Woods said, though Liberia was in crisis, it was not a military crisis. Woods warned the government against using soldiers of the AFL future crisis as such, as there was no need for the deployment of the, military crisis.

Mr. Woods extolled the US Government for the criticism, noting that the presence of AFL personnel was in no way helping the battle against Ebola. According to him, the AFL soldiers were intimidating the ordinary citizens rather than protecting health workers and facilities. 

The FIND Director described as very wasteful, the current resources being used by the Armed Forces of Liberia in the ongoing campaign against the deadly Ebola disease. Woods argued that funds given to security officers should have been directed to healthcare workers, other than security officers.

He urged the government to immediately ensure the total involvement of community members in the current campaign, expressing the belief that involving community members would greatly fast-track the battle against Ebola, and  because they know each other, they would prefer to interact with each other. Mr. Woods was speaking to our Bong County correspondent recently when he visited the county.

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