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Finding Big Boy 1 and Big Boy 2

The International Non-governmental Organization – Global Witness, in its report on a Liberian bribery scandal – the Deceiver, linked a number of high profile individuals in and out of the Liberian Government, mentioning ‘Big Boy One and Big Boy Two’ in the report as major players.

On July 5, 2016, the man named by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as Minister of State without Portfolio and Chairman of the Special Presidential Task-Force to investigate the Stable Mining bribery scandal, Cllr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa, told a Ministry of Information Press Briefing upon return from the United States that his team was doing very well to bring to justice those linked to the bribery scandal, including those out of Liberia.

In view of the foregoing, Cllr. Koffa further indicated that the Task-Force was making progress to release the identities of ‘Big Boy 1 and Big Boy 2’ linked to the Global Witness Report, emphasizing that the team had gone 85% in its investigation to bring to the public those described in the Global Witness report as ‘Big Boy One and Big Boy Two’ allegedly who pocketed half a million United States Dollars in the scandal.

According to the Special Presidential Task Force Chief, it would have been premature at the time of the MICAT Press briefing to disclose the names of those bearing the titles in the report – progressive efforts for which he expressed gratitude to those helping in the process to bring to book the additional persons linked to the bribery scandal.

But almost two months since Task Force Chairman Koffa committed his team to disclosing the identities (names), the people of Liberia are yet to be updated, except for the ongoing trial of Grand Cape Mount County Senator H. Varney G. Sherman, House Speaker J. Alex Tyler and a very few others.

It is no secret that the euphoria among many Liberians which initially characterized the entire Global Witness bribery scandal continues to gradually decline, even though with the curiosity among Liberians to know who ‘Big Boy 1 and Big Boy 2’ are.

But who really are they?; where are they? Are there problems in disclosing their identities even though promised by the Task Force? – these are just some of the few questions that continue to remain on the lips of many Liberians, while Koffa and team remain unprepared to clear their doubts.

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In any case, it was about now time for the Special Presidential Rask Force to ensure that it doesn’t create an opportunity for suspicion and confidence crisis in the minds of Liberians about its integrity and credibility.

The interest of Liberians are still vested in knowing the identities of Big Boy 1 and Big Boy 2’ and this is an issue the Task Force MUST address now. 

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