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Findley challenges successor

The defeated Grand Bassa County senatorial contestant Mr. Gbehzohngar Milton Findley is challenging those he says are seeking a one party county to make no excuse “for inadequacy for failure to accomplish” challenges ahead of them, urging them to “now come and do for our people.”

“We say to all those who seek for a one party county to now come and do for our people. We challenge you to come build and maintain the roads, schools, hospitals, provide scholarships, macro-loans, employment opportunities for those who seek better life. There should be no excuse for inadequacy for failure to accomplish these challenges,” Findley said.

Mr. Findley lost the post of President Pro Tempore at the Liberian Senate after his failure to get reelected in the Grand Bassa senatorial race won by Liberty Party’s candidate Jonathan Kaipay.

Mr. Findley has notwithstanding expressed fears here after his defeat that it was now conspicuously clear that Bassa was at the cross-road, a path he says that would either further the advancement of the county or take it “nine years backward.”

He vows to remain a force to reckon with in the politics of Grand Bassa and the country at large, after losing the top job at the senate since his election in 2006 as Pro Tempore.

“We say thanks to our students and youths, marketers, workers, tribal groups, motor cyclists, Christian and Muslim communities for standing with us and we look forward to more of your support,” he said, adding that “this process has given us a renewed vigor and courage to look far ahead and beyond the peddle-scope of just Grand Bassa County politics.”

He told his supporters that he and his team will continue all “ongoing projects” and where necessary, new ones will be undertaken.

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Mr. Findley says it is no secret that his desire to see Grand Bassa County becomes second to none, saying his quest “for better healthcare system, education system, investment, agriculture and empowerment (Women) will not go down the drain.”

“I remain committed and ever supportive of our county’s progress and developmental drive.  Our decision to participate in the just ended election was contingent on the fact that, we needed to do more to improve the lives of our people in Grand Bassa County by proposing sound policies for infrastructure, socio-economic development, and the promotion of peace and reconciliation,” he said.

He says it is still his obligation to elevate Bassa from the “valley of despair to a buoyancy of new hope” with the provision of scholarships to hundreds of young people across Grand Bassa, Women Empowerment, creating access to loan for local businesses in the county.

Mr. Findley says he remains committed to promoting financial support to various institutions such as schools, hospitals, clinics, churches, mosques, market building projects and communities’ town halls, among others.

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