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Fire destroys 4-bedroom house

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Fire destroys-Over US$15,000 worth of property destroyed
Fire has gutted a four-bedroom house plus a single apartment in Logan Town, Bushrod Island in Montserrado County electoral district#15, leaving one occupant seriously burnt and destroying properties valued US$15,000.
In an exclusive interview with this paper on Monday, 14 March the owner of the house, Mr. Lewis S. Blamo, could not say what actually caused the fire. “The cause of the fire has not been established, because no one could even say a word concerning this incident; everybody was focusedon escaping from the fire”, he narrated.

According to him, it all started on Monday, March 14, at about 9: 45pm while showing European game at his video club when his son came running, saying “Papa, Papa, fire in the house; then I wondered where, how, and what will put fire in my house at about this time so I immediately rushed to the house to see where the fire was coming from.”

Mr. Blamo continued that he got at the house, “the next thing I saw was the fire coming from my children’s room; I could not remember anything but I was concentrating on how to put the fire under control but the fire was too heavy, because it started from the roof, and there was nothing anyone could do at that time so I called the police hotline which is 111, and the National Fire Service to inform them about the incident that was unfolding.The response I got from the national fire service was they have no mobile to come to our rescue.”

Blamo is blaming the national fire service for not responding to his call, saying “Their action is just the poor way of treating the Liberian people; why will they choose to treat certain people the way they are doing by not coming on time whenever there is a serious emergency on hand”, he wondered.

The victim whose house was gutted by fire, has also operated a video club in the district for several yearsbefore Monday’stragedy that led to the damaging of his house, and loosing several properties. “Since I’ve been in this district, none of this had ever occurred to me; for fire to come from my house to destroy my properties is something that seems very shocking to me, because all the years I stayed in Logan Town here, I had never come across such tragedy before, but it has happened and there is nothing that can be done about this situation.All I can say is thanks to God Almighty for my life was spared and the lives of my families because if any of my families would have died then it would have been a serious casualty in my life”, he added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Blamo is appealing to philanthropists, local and international NGOs, and the government to come to his aid as all of what he had worked for over the years have been damaged as the result of the fire.

About five occupants of a three-bedroom house on Tweh Farm, Bushrod Island dead after fire gutted their home early Wednesday, May 29, 2013. The victims were identified as members of one family, including three females and two males.

By Lewis S. Teh-Edited by Jonathan Browne

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