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Fire leaves 37 homeless

A ferocious evening fire on Friday February 2, left at least 37 homeless and out of basic needs in the Sinkor community of 9thStreet. According to eyewitnesses, the fire started about 5:30pm and quickly consumed the six-room house, and threatening nearby houses.

Eyewitnesses reported that the fire started from the room of one Prince, where the LEC breaker is kept. Residents reported that the community had been without electricity for about a month, and fire probably started with the sudden restoration of power.

While the fire was being battled, the street light was seen coming on and going off. There was no human casualty, but none of the residents was able to recover anything.

Jenneba Sheriff, a market woman, who lost all her belongings in the fire, reported that her children lost all of their school supplies. Jenneba also reported that for the vigilance of community residents, her 16 year old daughter was rescued from the burning house.

Another eyewitness said other than those who were resident in the burnt house, residents of 5 nearby houses were also affected as segments of their houses were broken down to prevent the fire from spreading.

Eyewitnesses also reported that residents trying to safeguard their belongings from the raging fire suffered various degrees of theft.

A spokesperson for the house owner, Boima Kamara, said victims have been categorized into four groups, including 15 girls, 7 boys, 6 men and 9 women.

Mr. Kamara reported that they are already engaged with community members and are inviting philanthropic groups to assist the victims.



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