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Fire Service launches public safety awareness

By Kruah Thompson

The Liberia National Fire and Rescue Service has begun public awareness on the health effects and exposure to petroleum products in the country. 

The Fire Service recently frowned at people selling petroleum products at street corners in Monrovia.

Fire Service Director Col. Alex Dickson warned that he will not hesitate in arresting anyone violating regulations adopted and published under the authority of the Liberian Legislature.

Though Col. Dickson had said that inspection team will have been deployed across the city by 25 November 2022 to clear peddlers from the streets and carry out awareness about the health risks associated with selling gasoline in jars, the team actually was seen in public on Thursday in central Monrovia moving in a vehicle to do the awareness.

Firefighters carried megaphones to deliver messages on the effects of petroleum products on the human body.

According to the Service, petroleum is a mixture of various hydrogen its vapors are toxic and poisonous.

“It can damage a person’s health because the product has hydrocarbons like Propane, Pantene, Ethanol, Butane, Benzene and BTFX, among others”, inspectors explained through megaphone. 

They warned that high exposure to gasoline liquid or viper affects the lung, liver, brain, and kidney, and may eventually lead to cancer and even death.

Residents are being advised to have their homes at least three hundred feet away from gas stations to maintain good health.

The LNFRS further revealed that inhaling petroleum products may cause health complications like irritation of the mouth, throat, eyes, nose and stomach, including vomiting, dizziness, coughing, blur vision, weakness, headache, difficulty in breathing, coma and death.

It added that prolonged exposure to gasoline reduces function of the central nervous system and causes organ damage.

Meanwhile, Col. Dickson said the exercise is intended to ensure public safety, which is a prime concern of the institution. Editing by Jonathan Browne


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