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Firestone startss 2014 free rubber stumps distribution

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Management of Firestone Liberia has commenced the distribution of free rubber stumps to Liberian farmers from across the country.

Speaking in Harbel where the farmers had gathered on Saturday, July 19, 2014, to receive their rubber stumps as applied for, Firestone Liberia’s Rubber Purchase Manager, Mr. Jimmy Hina, said the distribution of rubber stumps was part of the company’s commitment to regular Liberian rubber farmers to help with the process of either replanting or expanding their farms.

According to the Rubber Purchase Manager, this commitment on the part of the company has been fulfilled every year. Mr. Hina appealed to the recipients to fully utilize the high yielding rubber stumps by planting them on their various farms.

“I’m appealing to you, do not take the stumps and misuse them; do not take the stumps and sell them.”  He disclosed that after the issuance of the stumps, his department will conduct what he called “a post issue audit. “

“We are going to come to your farm and verify whether you used the stumps for the intended purpose; if you didn’t, you can rest assure that you won’t receive stumps from Firestone anymore. So please use the stumps for the intended purpose.”

He disclosed that the company intends to issue seven hundred and seventy thousand (770,000) free rubber stumps to local farmers this year. Mr. Hina noted that the farms assessment is always a continual process to ascertain how well farmers are utilizing the rubber stumps they received from Firestone.

Receiving the stumps on behalf of his colleagues, Mr. Emmanuel S. Moore of Grand Bassa County, thanked the Management of Firestone Liberia and assured that the stumps would be used for the intended purpose.

It can be recalled that since the Firestone Liberia Free Rubber Stumps Distribution program was launched in August of 2006, Firestone has distributed more than 4 million rubber stumps to Liberian rubber farmers across the country at no cost to the farmers. The program is aimed at assisting small rubber farmers in their replanting efforts to help rebuild Liberia’s rubber industry.

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