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Firestone Conducts Seminar on Anti-Child Labor

Firestone Liberia has begun a two-day Anti-Child Labor seminar at the Harbel Field House in Margibi County, enforcing a “zero tolerance” on child labor among employees.

The seminar attended by over 150 male employees Thursday climaxes today with female employees of the company participating. Facilitators at the exercise, including Counselors Tiawon Gongloe, Deweh Gray, Professor Weade K. Wureh and Mr. S. Reginald Mehnpaine described child labor as any work that has negative impact on a child.

In separate presentations, they told Firestone employees that no matter the financial and economic status of any family, their children should not be used as bread winners.

Further, the participants learned that introducing children below age 18 to a culture of early prostitution by compelling them to begin taking responsibilities of their own is in violation of the children’s rights.

For her part, Firestone Industrial Relations Manager Cllr. Winleta Aynn Reeves warned that the company will terminate the status of any employee caught engaging in child labor.

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