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Firestone Graduates Over 40 in Skill Training

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The Firestone Adult Education and Skill Training Program on Friday, December 3, 2010, graduated over 40 students in various skills. The second skill training graduation program was held at the Field House in Harbel.

Speaking on behalf of Firestone Liberia, the President and Managing Director, Mr. Charles E. Stuart, said he was proud of the graduates for participating in what he called a “valuable experience.”

He told them to utilize the acquired skills the best way possible. “I want you to take those skills that you have learned to use them. Whether you make market or whatever you can do, I want you to use them to enrich your lives and your children’s lives” Mr. Stuart asserted.

Earlier, the Public Affairs Manager of Firestone Liberia, Mr. G.Rufus Karmorh, who served as Guest Speaker, congratulated the graduates for completing what he called “hands on skills.”

He pointed out that the Firestone Skill Training Program is an effective mechanism for job creation and the empowerment of Liberians for entrepreneurship. Mr. Karmorh furthered that the skill training program is contributing towards the poverty reduction program.

He explained that apart from the nearly sixteen thousand students enrolled in the twenty-six schools of Firestone Liberia free of charge, the adult education is another vital component of its human resource development. He then called on other citizens to make use of the opportunity being provided by the Management of Firestone Liberia.

Making remarks at the colorful program, the Director of Adult Education at the Ministry of Education, Mr. Paye Nuhann, commended the Management of Firestone Liberia for introducing an adult literacy program. He noted that the opportunity provided by the company is not only in the interest of its employees and dependents, but to all Liberians.

Mr. Nuhann recounted that Firestone Liberia has rendered numerous academic assistance towards Liberia’s educational programs as far back as in the 1960s especially in the area of scholarship. He then called on the graduates to make use of the opportunity to raise their individuals and families lives.

idding farewell to the graduates, the Superintendent of Firestone Adult Literacy Program, Mrs. Zoe Davis Traub, expressed thanks and appreciation  to them for making use of the opportunity of skills training provided by the Management of Firestone Liberia. Mrs.Traub told the graduates that it is never too late to learn urging them to make the best of what they have learned.  The graduates were certificated in various skills including sewing, baking and cooking.

The presentation of certificates was done by the Administrative Manager, Mrs. Aumuo Abdallah Keshen, Audit Manager, Mr. Austin Swett and other senior teammates of Firestone Liberia.

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