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Firestone Student Among Top National Spelling Bee Students

A student of the Firestone Liberia School System is among three students, who became first, second and third place winners of the 5th Annual National Spelling Bee Competition, which ended recently at the Monrovia City Hall, with contestants representing the fifteen counties participating.

Student Dakarmu Yarkpawolo of the Division 10 Junior High School, who was also part of the three-man team that represented Margibi County in the competition, emerged as the third place winner of the National Spelling Bee Competition following a fierce academic battle witnessed and supervised under the watchful authority of experts from the Ministry of Education, partners and sponsors.

Student Yarkpawolo described his participation as an opportunity to exhibit the knowledge he has acquired over the years in the area of reading and vocabulary. He noted that it also enabled him to interact with his fellow students from other parts of the country through the exchange of ideas and views on various subject matters in the interest of their education.

The National Spelling Bee finalist further used the occasion to express thanks and appreciation to authorities of the Ministry of Education, its partners and sponsors for organizing such a worthwhile educational contest, which challenges Liberian students to pay attention to their studies to get them on par with students of other parts of the world.

Yarkpawolo praised teachers of the Firestone Liberia School System; especially those of his school for the level of commitment they continue to show towards quality education for the young people of Liberia whom he considers future leaders of the country.

“My teachers and our Principal were very helpful in making sure that I got well nurtured for the contest; which made me to come first at the school, district and county levels prior to the national contest,” the young Liberian student disclosed. Student Yarkpawolo continued: “My greatest thanks and appreciation go to my beloved parents, who continue to help me in so many ways in my studies for the contest and my school lesson as well. They are doing a good thing for my future by sponsoring my quest for quality education.” He noted.

Speaking at a formal presentation ceremony on Tuesday, organized by authorities of the Firestone Liberia School System held on the campus of the Division 10 Junior High School, the Superintendent of the school system, Mrs. Dwede D. Hoto, expressed satisfaction that a student from this school performed well at all levels of the competition; beginning with the school, district, county and national levels.

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Mrs. Hoto noted that “Student Dakarmu doesn’t only represent Firestone Liberia School System in terms of the National Spelling Bee Contest, he represents Margibi County. So we are very, very proud that we can form part of the Division 10 Junior High School and the National Spelling Bee Competition.” She told teachers of the Firestone Liberia School System that the educational services they are rendering help a lot in the country’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Program.

She thanked the Principal and instructional staff of the Division 10 Junior High School for adequately preparing Student Dakarmu for the task he performed so well. “If this young man learns and tomorrow he can create jobs for himself, his family and others, you have helped to reduce the poverty rate in the country,” Mrs. Hoto observed.

Earlier, the National Spelling Bee Coordinator for the Firestone Liberia School system, Mr. Frederick Z. Railey, presented the third place winner trophy, a cap, a T-Shirt, $500.00USDand other gift items of the National Spelling Bee Competition to Mrs. Hoto for onward presentation to the Division 10 School and the honoree. The trophy was to be viewed by the students before finally presenting same to authorities of Margibi County at a later date.

For their parts, Principal Scipio Hardy of the Division 10 Junior High School and Mr. James Yarkpawolo, uncle of the honoree, expressed happiness for the occasion and encouraged Student Yarkpawolo to continue to press forward in his quest for quality education for a brighter future. The School Inspector of the Firestone Liberia School System, Mr. John Martor and other faculty members of the Division 10 Junior High School were on hand to witness the colorful occasion.

In a related development, the Manager of Public Affairs of Firestone Liberia says that Management is upbeat about student Yarkpawolo’s recent performance at the National Spelling Bee Competition.

Mr. Karmorh commended his brilliant performance and the studious attitude exhibited throughout the program. According to the Public Affairs Boss, the Management of Firestone Liberia is immensely pleased with this latest development, validating the high premium the company attaches to human capital investment.

Mr. Karmorh further disclosed that Firestone Liberia provides K-12 schooling free of charge to employees children. Additionally the Firestone Scholarship Program provides tuition for deserving students throughout the country to attend primary, secondary or undergraduate institution of their choice.

Concluding, Management wishes to reaffirm that it will continue to be an active partner in the educational and socio-economic development of Liberia.

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