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First Lady reaffirms support to girls’ development

First Lady Weah, in a discussion with young students reaffirmed her commitment to their growth and development

Liberian First Lady, Ambassador Clar Marie Weah has reassured girls of her unflinching support to their growth and development to become confident and productive leaders for tomorrow.

Mrs. Weah disclosed plans to help girls grow up being properly guided, cared for and given the requisite support which she was not fortunate to have received while growing up as a child.

The First Lady made the statementover the weekend during an interactive discussion with a group of girls, most of whom were students of the ELWA Academy in Paynesville, under the banner Clarinette.
Mrs. Weah said the students’ eloquence and self-confidence exhibited when she first met them impressed her so much that she wanted to work with them in instilling similar qualities in other girls.

Unlike the students, the First Lady recalled that she was rather shy, reserved and less confident as a teen, owing to some forms of insecurity resulting from inadequate parental care during her childhood.

According to Mrs. Weah, at age 3 her mother migrated and at 8 her father died; causing her to grow up withoutthe needed guidance and support, a situation she noted negatively impacted her life.
AsMother of the Nation, the Liberian First Lady is poised to help girls recover or avoid encountering such difficult experience.

Mrs. Weah however urged the gathering of female students ranging from ages 11 to 14 to continue to pursue their education, daring to lead while being respectful, humble and hardworking.

The Liberian First Lady also commended the girls’ parents and school authorities for the level of support they continue to provide, pledging to work with them in various possible.

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For their part, the students commended the First Lady for the audience with them and her unwavering support to women and girls development, while urging her to continue her humanitarian work in improving the lives of the underprivileged.

Also speaking, a representative of the girls’ parents and the ELWA Academy expressed delight and profound appreciation for Mrs. Weah passion and support for girls.

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