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Flood Disrupts Free Movement In Kakata

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Severe flood has disrupted normal vehicular and human movements in Margibi County, following two days of torrential rains, leaving a woman nearly drowned. The flood overwhelmed the Benla Creek, completely cutting off the road linking Kakata to the former concession town of Bong Mines.
Several commuters waited distressfully for the flood to subside, but it instead intensified, entering the homes of residents along the banks of the creek, leaving scores of people homeless. A convoy of over 17 trucks belonging to the Chinese, heading for Bong Mines was also obstructed the flood.

An elderly woman, who stood at the waterside, told me that she was stranded on her way back to Bong Mines and that she was only hoping on God’s intervention to enable her return to her family.

Another lady in her early 20s nearly drowned when she joined a group of men, who said it could no longer keep waiting” and attempted to cross in the flood. However, she narrowly escaped death after she was whisked off by the water current and thrown on the other side.

She was seen with water pouring out of her mouth and nostril after been rescued by bystanders.  A bystander remarked, “This is truly the end time the Bible talks about; everyday flood, earthquake and the rest all over the place.”

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