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Flood Victims Appealed for Assistance

Victims of the recent flood disaster in the provincial City of Gbarnga that made more than one people homeless and thousands of United States worth of property damaged have appealed to government and other humanitarian organizations including the Liberia National Red Cross to render them assistance as they have nothing to restart their lives.

The flood victims through their spokesman informed this paper since the instant flood in Gbarnga that affected them, they have not received assistance from any group despite their appalling condition which is worsen as day passed.

Mr. Mark Thomas speaking to  reporters following a mass meeting recently  attended  by the flood victims averred the county leadership has even shown concern about their plight neither to even visit them ascertain their conditions  following the aftermath  of the August 20, 2010  heavy down pour of rain that flooded many communities including  business establishment.

He indicated some of those made homeless are now forced to stay with relatives and friends with their children a situation he described as very embarrassing for these people.

He said most of the victims lost their personal belongings including mattresses, cooking utensils including goods that were left untouched in several shops during the flood.

During the recent flood in Gbarnga several communities that were badly hit include   Gboveh Hill, Frog Island, Baltimore, Far-East and Gbarnga Central Prison which saw the collapse of a huge portion of the prison’s concrete fence constructed by the UNDP.

Many of the frustrated flood victims are blaming government especially the ministry of public works  for the flood disaster because it failed to open drainages in the city to ensure the proper movement of rain waters into the nearby river.

Meanwhile the resident engineer of the ministry of Public Works assigned in Bong County Engineer has attributed the recent Flood in Gbarnga to the clog up of ninety percent of the drainages.

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Mr. Emelus Torlover said, most of the drainages in Gbarnga are been used as dumping sites thereby making it difficult for water to flow.

The Public Workers resident engineer also pointed out the situation is also the result of people constructing houses in swamps around the City without consulting the Ministry of public works that is charged with statutory of the regulating the erection of structures across the country.

The month of August appears to be a trouble month for residents of the city of Gbarnga. It can recall on August 1, 2005 there was another flood disaster in Gbarnga that completely destroyed more than twenty buildings along the Jor-River bank.

The incident at the time created similar humanitarian situation now been experience by the recent flood victims who are yet to graduate from their nightmare.

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