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Flood victims relocate in school building

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Several flood victims in Margibi County are currently sleeping on the Peter Town Community School campus in the county as a result of lack of shelters for them. The victims, who are over four dozen residents, including pregnant women, children, and the elderly, are all from Margibi District#2 where the school is located.

Our Margibi correspondent, who visited the scene recently said as a result of their displacement by the flood which destroyed their houses, many of the victims are getting sick on a daily basis and can hardly find food to eat.

They mainly suffer from malaria, fever and other diseases.  The windows of the school building are opened, something which gives easy access to mosquitoes and other harmful insects.  Narrating their ordeal, one female victim identified as Oretha Cooper lamented that due to heavy downpour, their homes were damaged, leaving them with no alternative but to occupy the school campus as a temporary shelter.

Madam Cooper said it is difficult for her to go back home because her house is in a deplorable state, adding that she had never desired to live a pitiful life on a school campus. She details that they sleep in various classrooms with windows opened, suffering mosquito bites.

A mother of five, she explained that her children now look up to friends for survival because she does not have food and cash. Another victim, Promise Byers said this is her second experience from flood, but the first incident was not as severe as the recent one in June.

Torrential rains in Margibi last month left the main highway leading from the Roberts International Airport to Monrovia submerged, forcing the Liberia National Police to have shut down the road and diverted traffic and commuters to the 15 Gate route in Harbel.

Meanwhile, the flood victims are appealing to the Government of Liberia, non-governmental organizations and philanthropists to go to their aid with zinc, nails and cement to enable them rebuild their homes. However, they said their immediate needs are food, shelters and medications.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi -Editing by Jonathan Browne

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