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Former Miss Liberia, Patrice Juah, is encouraging young Liberian girls to follow their dreams in order to reach their bench mark. “It is time that you stop living on the dreams of other because their success will not be yours,” Miss Juah indicated.

According to her, a good girl child who wants to own her factory designer or become a future leader would not want to be like other friends or following the dreams and aspirations of friends in the society. The former Miss Liberia made the remarks on Tuesday, October, 12, 2015 at a program marking the celebration of the Day of the Girl Child – declared by the United Nations in 2011 and observed as the Day of the Girl Child at the Paynesville City Hall outside Monrovia. The day was celebrated under the theme: Ensuring Quality Education for Girls’ Empowerment.

“As a nation it is about time that we desist from harmful activities that would distract our adolescent girls from learning,” Delivering the keynote address, the Liberian faction lady noted as Keynoted Speakeer, describing the observance of the Day of the Girl Child as important because adolescent girls were the most affected people in the society.

Miss Juah added that this year’s theme was very essential, saying the issues of empowering adolescent girls in the society was to erase the fear that they would be sexually abused by their male counterparts, as well as to put stop to many violence attacks from the public, including sexual assault, as well as fiscal assault, among others.

She told the listening audience that adolescent girls around the world suffer many challenges and violence – something that causes some to be bread-winners for their families and other relatives in the country.
Meanwhile, the former Miss Liberia has declared that that parents, who take up their time in making sacrifices to ensure that their girl children acquire better education, must be celebrated for such efforts. “The decision you take by supporting your adolescent girl child will benefit you in the future,” she added.

At the same time, Miss Juah has warned parents to stop introducing their children to men in the name of god father. “I know many of our parents these days are in the constant habit of allowing their children to be on the streets up to late hours; this is something that is a leading factor for the child’s failure in the society,” the former Miss Liberia noted.

By Lewis S. Teh -Edited by George Barpeen

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