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Food distribution committee receives commendation

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The ongoing COVID-19 Household Food Support Program (COHFSP), dedicated to ensuring that vulnerable Liberians and most food insecure communities across the Country are served food rations during the Coronavirus pandemic is reportedly winning public admirations.

According to a Commerce Ministry release, jubilant Liberians who continue to hail the government, through the National Steering Committee, have repeatedly said they are touched by the ongoing food distribution, describing it as a dream come true.

“ What is making us happy is that prior to the commencement of the food distribution, there were people who told us that the Government was not going to give us any food during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the country,” observed some of the food recipients at separate locations during the exercise.

Scores of jubilant food recipients said they were initially locked up in a state of uncertainty when the Coronavirus hit Liberia, relative to how they were going to sustain their respective families.

However, they commended government for the level of cooperation amongst members of the Committee and the professional manner in which the food distribution is being executed despite criticism by some individuals in the country. According to them, they are proud of President George M. Weah for keeping his pronouncement, regarding the food distribution.

According to the release, they also called on the National Steering Committee, the World Food Program, including all other local and international partners that are constructively involved in the ongoing food distribution not to be deterred by those who continue to spew out negative comments against the National Steering Committee, yea the Liberian Government.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of the National Steering Committee on the Stimulus Package, Commerce and Industry Minister Wilson K. Tarpeh, said the Committee will not be distracted.

Prof. Tarpeh has repeatedly noted that members of the Committee would continue to execute the mandate of the President by making sure vulnerable Liberians and most food insecure food communities are served food during the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

“President Weah is determined to address the concerns of his people and to also transform their lives through constructive measures,” Minister Tarpeh, told a team of journalists recently at a distribution site in Central Monrovia. Press Release


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