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FOOT welcomes Livingstone’s appointment

The National Leadership of the FRIENDS OF OUR TIME or FOOT, has welcomed the appointment of its LegalConsul and Board Member, Atty. Bobby W. Livingstone as Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs, terming the appointment by the President as indisputablycommendable.

A statement under the signature of FOOT’s President George KermueBarpeen, Jr. issued in Monrovia says President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s preferment of Atty. Livingstone has again given hope to the young people of Liberia for nationalleadership.
FOOT’s National Leadership assured President Sirleaf thatwith Deputy Minister-designate Livingstone’s combined professionalqualities as a Journalist, Lawyer and University Lecturer of MassCommunication, he will perform such delicate task as assigned to himby her with the highest degree of patriotism in meaningful ways.

FOOT also expressed the fervent hope that working with InformationMinister Lenn Eugene Nagbe and others, Atty. Livingstone will alsoinject into his duties, functions and relationship at the Ministry ofInformation, the team spirit and success of FOOT to extensivelypropagate the government information and development agenda.

The organization also expressed the belief with his role played inFRIENDS OF OUR TIME to keep it vibrant, progress and united, DeputyMinister-designate Livingstone will build new bridge between theGovernment and the Liberian Media, placing Liberia foremost in theinteractions.

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