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For Photographing Ellen’s Convoy: Man Busted

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A man identified as Nathaniel Tamba was arrested and thrown behind bars over the weekend for allegedly photographing President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s convoy while attending a rally at the ELWA football field over the weekend.

Tamba, who is said to have just returned from the United States, was seen taking the president’s parked convoy photograph with a Cannon camera. His action caught the attention of presidential bodyguards who demanded reasons, but Tamba instead sped off the scene creating more suspicion. This prompted the police to pursue him, following an arrest order from the presidential guards.

Within few minutes, Tamba was arrested but refused to hand-over his camera and also answer questions. Tamba who also insisted that he was not a journalist or a security personnel while struggling with the police demanded that he spoke with Deputy SSS boss Eric Brisbane.

“Am a peaceful citizen, why are you guys taking my camera, I only show the camera to the president car like I was photographing but I didn’t, please leave me alone, this a country of law not men.

“In fact my camera is even empty and I am not going to released it until I talk to your boss Eric Brisbane. I will not give my camera,” he said to the PSU and SSS officers.

But the SSS officer and other bystanders who saw Tamba photographing the president’s convoy told the New Dawn that he (Tamba) ran down the road and allegedly took off the memory card from the camera.

But eyewitnesses said they saw Tamba opening the camera while running and handling something to an unknown girl who he (Tamba) stopped to talk to before the police reached him.

However, when the camera was finally opened, it was established that the memory card  had been taken off. He was therefore taken to the police station for further questioning.

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