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Foreign Affairs workers get new corps of officers

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–As Madam Yar Boayue Yini Wins MOFAWA Elections

The Chairman of the Elections Commission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Workers’ Association (MOFAWA), Emmanuel Dao Kamara has released the final results of the April 28, 2021 elections, declaring Mrs. Yar Boayue Yini as President-elect of the Worker Association.

Madam Yar Boayue Yini is the first female employee to be elected as president of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Workers’ Association in a competitive electoral process.

Speaking shortly after her election as president of the worker association, Madam Yini called on her contenders to unite for the sake of MOFAWA and the ministry, stating that under her leadership she will bring in new dynamism that will be inclusive of all.

She expressed thanks and appreciation to Minister Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., for the level of leadership, noting that under his reform agenda, democracy has improved at the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Reading the final results at the close of the polling, the Commission’s Chairman Mr. Kamara told journalists that of the total 348 valid votes casted for the presidency, Madam Yini received 122 votes, which constitute 35.05%, while her main challenger Madam Christiana M. Wahblo received 120 votes, constituting 34.48%.

For the position of Vice Presidency Mr. Anthony Chea Kpalleh, Jr. was declared winner, taking 202 votes casted, out of the total valid votes of 350, constituting 57.71%, while Mr. David C. Tekasuah, got 80 votes casted, constituting 22.85%; and Eddie Ville received 68 votes, 19.43%.

For the Secretary General position, Mr. Bryant W. Bolloh, was declared winner with 191 votes casted, constituting 56.34% while his opponents Samuel S. Borbor and Evan Kehn received 95 votes, 28.02% and 53 voted, 15.63% respectively.

Also on the Financial Secretary position, Mr. Podiasco C. Smith was declared winner with 140 votes casted constituting 42. 29%; while madam Lydia Johnson Nathan, who ran for the position of Treasure unopposed, was declared the winner and Madam Caroline W. Nyon also won, unopposed as Chaplain General of MOFAWA

Mr. Kamara used the occasion to thanked Minister Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., for providing the atmosphere required for the conduct of the elections. “We are pleased to report that the 28 April 2021 elections were successfully implemented without any incident,” he said.

MOFAWA election commission Chairman reported that polls opened on time and counting of votes started immediately after the poll closed. He said consistent with its transparency requirement, candidates were allowed to send in their representatives to witness the sorting, reconciliation, and counting of votes at the end of polling.

According to Mr. Kamara, the final results were posted on the bulletin for public viewing, and copies were presented to the first two candidates who obtained the highest votes.—Press release

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