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Foreign missions hail just ended elections

Diplomatic missions here have congratulated Liberians for the peaceful conduct of the December 8, Senatorial midterm elections and constitutional referendum.

The missions includes the United Nations in Liberia, ECOWAS, Embassies of MemberStates of the African Union, the EU Delegation and the Embassies of the EU Member States (France,Germany, Ireland, and Sweden), the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and NorthernIreland, and the Embassy of the United States of America.

In a joint statement issued Friday December 11, the diplomatic community commended the Liberian people andgovernment, as well as political leaders, civil society organizations and the media for the peacefulconduct of the December 8 mid-term Senatorial election and constitutional referendum.
“We havebeen inspired by the strong commitment to democracy expressed by Liberians in these elections,” the statement read.

The diplomats also expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the National Elections Commission (NEC), and in particular, pollworkers present at polling places across the country, as well as all those mobilized on Election Dayincluding domestic observers and members of security forces, for the overall smooth and orderlyrunning of the elections.

“We welcome and support the announcement by the NEC that those electoralirregularities and incidents identified during Election Day will be properly addressed, they added.

They also caution Liberians saying “as the tallying process by the NEC continues, we underscore the importance that all political parties,leaders and supporters, as well as candidates, respect this process and wait patiently until the tallyingis completed and the results are officially announced.”

The diplomats reminded Liberians of the commitments made bystakeholders in the Code of Conduct to ensure a peaceful and transparent electoral process and callon all political parties, leaders, candidates and media actors to renounce the use of inciting languageand premature declarations of victory.
“We also call on political leaders and candidates to pursue anydisputes through peaceful means and dialogue in accordance with the law.

International partners continue to follow closely the electoral process. We are confident in the strongcommitment of the people of Liberia to democracy, peace and stability, and remain fully resolute tocontinuing our support to Liberians in their development and peacebuilding efforts,” the statement concluded.

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