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Foreigners Overwhelm Sinoe County

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Foreign nationals seeking greener pasture are reportedly overwhelming the annual statistical employment records in Sinoe, southeastern Liberia.

According to Correspondent Darius Doe in the region, the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) local office which raised the alarm,  said businesses and companies in the county were employing non-Liberians (aliens).

BIN’s acting commander Charles Diggs told this paper in Greenville that the situation has caused delays in ensuring that the total number of foreigners employed by these companies in the county was recorded properly.

Among the companies operating in the county are Atlantic Resources Logging Company, Golden Veroleum Oil Palm, Humnibird Resources Mining, as well as other businesses owned by aliens. They are yet to respond to the process of ensuring the residence status.

The BIN Commander, who’s anticipating quick respond from the authorities in Monrovia, said the county was overwhelmed by foreigners. He accused aliens of not responding to the Bureau semiannual reporting process, falling short of disclosing the attributing factors.

He vowed to prosecute non compliance violator(s) of the exercise by paying US$100.00. The semi-annual reporting exercise  is undertaken twice a year by BIN.

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