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Former ALU Prexy Inducts Students Leadership in Bong

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The former President of the Association of Liberian Universities (ALU), Dr. Henrique Flomo Tokpa has outlined the need for an educator to be elected as a lawmaker of Bong County to accelerate growth in education at all levels.

Dr. Tokpa is quoted by our Bong County correspondent as saying with every Liberian has the constitutional right of pursuing an education, it was prudent that someone with the passion for education is at the Liberian Legislature to ensure that Bong County schools are funded adequately.

Dr. Tokpa said to raise the standard of living and to create a middle-income country, education is a must. He said if there should be better health care, and food security, education must be the beginning priority.

The CU President, now an aspirant for the senate in2014 in Bong County, expressed the belief that consolidation and teamwork were the recipe for success in developing the sector, assuring Bongese of his relentless efforts to reawaken the educational sector if given the chance amid his experience as a teacher, principal, Assistant Minister of Education, university professor and a university president.

Dr. Tokpa made the assertions when he served as guest speaker at programs marking the induction of officers-elect of the Sanoyea/ Fuamah District Students Association held at the Sanoyea town hall.

In his induction remarks, SAFUDUSA President Jonah Tokpa pinpointed accountability and transparency as the hallmark of his leadership, calling on his colleagues to unite to be successful.

The program was attended by Electoral District #7 Representative Corpu G. Barclay, Prominent citizen Alfredson Tarkaweah and citizens, including youth groups, marketers, women organizations, among others.

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