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Former Bong Superintendent resigns from UP

A former Superintendent of Bong County has resigned as a member of the ruling Unity Party. Madam Lucia Herbert, who served as campaign manager for the UP in the first round of the 2011 general and presidential elections, attributed her decision to part company with the UP to her inability to vote on party line.

According to the Madam Herbert, she was used as a scapegoat during the 2011 elections despite the numerous personal sacrifices made for the party. Herbert- the first female Superintendent of Bong County, said her efforts were not appreciated in the party, despite using her personal resources in the interest of the party in 2011.

She further indicated her resignation from the Unity Party will put her in a better position to make free political decisions without being influenced by anyone. Madam Herbert, however, noted that she remains a political force in Bong County, and will not relent in support her choice, especially in 2017. She initially served as Assistant Superintendent for Development, building her popularity among the women and youth population in the county.

Though Madam Herbert replacement as Superintendent of Bong County is yet to be justifiably explained by the Unity Party or Executive Mansion, some citizens continue to blame her removal by President Sirleaf on the ‘usual destructive Bong County politics’  which continues to undermine the growth and development of the county at all levels.

Another report suggested that she was removed for her alliance with Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor of the National Patriotic Party or NPP, who was, then, an antagonist to President Sirleaf- a suspicion that she was gradually returning to the NPP.

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