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Former goalkeeper Sherman damns ‘Keka’

Former Lone Star (National Team) goalkeeper Nathaniel Sherman strongly damns striker Mohammed Kesselly ‘Keka’  Kamara for abandoning camp ahead of the recent 2022 World Cup Qualifier match with the Super Eagle of Nigeria which the home side lost 1-0 in Nigeria.

 “In football whenever you are criticized or feel disrespected for reason best known to yourself as a professional person, you don’t just walk away in the name you are the best person to have the job done”, Sherman explains.

He says the idea of ‘ Keka’ leaving the camp was unprofessional and didn’t represent him as a professional player, lamenting “You let the team down! You let yourself down!”

Former Lonestar Goalkeeper Sherman

Mohammed Kesselly ‘Keka’ Kamara, who plays for Turkish club Hatayspor, was invited by Head Coach Peter Butler to participate in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Qualifier match played against Nigeria on Friday, September 3, 2021. 

Sherman stresses that Kamara should do the right thing by apologizing to the entire team, and the people of Liberia, for his action.

Reported gathered subsequently details the Liberian player left camp after he was not selected for the starting 11 to face the Super Eagle of Nigeria. 

But Mohamed responds, “Heard that everyone wanna hear my side of the story. Too bad, cus ain’t got nothing to say to anyone. And definitely won’t be cussing or throwing anyone under the bus. But in my years of being out as a professional and a college student, I’ve learned that respect is a two-way street.”

He says respect isn’t demanded, but rather earned, adding “After years of turning down the invitation, I blame NO ONE but myself for coming here. I can promise you all that will never happen like EVER again. It’s official a WRAP!! I Will definitely be watching and jeering on the guys from a far cus most of these guys are more than just friends.” 

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Head Coach Peter Butler says he really doesn’t behind ‘Keka’ quitting camp on the heels of the September 3, 2021 encounter with Nigeria.

“Well, if I may not be honest with you, I really don’t know. Mohammed Kamara is a player I highly rated. I really caught him and chased him and tried to get him to come into the Lone Star Squad on many, many occasions. And we managed to get him. He came and trained with us and I had a good chat with him, sat down in a nice, affable chat with the young man in question. And he said everything seemed OK. We did a training session. And few members of staff and I, feel he wasn’t really totally focused. But I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. And then, unfortunately, after I did the team prior to the game, the player in question absconded from the camp because he wasn’t in the starting line-up. Now, the only thing I heard is that he was picked up by a young lady at reception. And that’s it.”

Coach Butler continues, “I never heard the end of it. I didn’t know there was a family member or what but we had not heard from him. I have not seen him. And unfortunately, I am none the wiser.”

Despite their 2-0 loss to the Super Eagle, the Lone Star went ahead secured their first away win in Group C with a lone goal from sticker Kpah Sherman, who plays in Malaysia’s top league. The goal came in the 86th minute in Doula, Cameroon against the Central African Republic (CAR).

Kpah dedicates the goal to all Liberians and wishes to work harder for the Lone Star, as he had always done but cautions home fans to reduce their expectation of him scoring in every game, something he notes, “It’s impossible.”

The Lone Star’s next match is expected to be against Djibouti. Editing by Jonathan Browne 

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