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Former lawmaker denounces Flag of Liberia

A Bong County senatorial aspirant, Martin Kerkula, says he would never honor the Flag of Liberia because it is one of the symbols of disunity in the country.

Senatorial aspirant Martin Kerkula

Martin, a former Representative of Salala District in Bong, said the flag should be one of the national identities with attributes unity, but the present Liberian Flag has nothing that relates to the citizens except for the fact that Liberians have studied about it for more than 150 years.

He made the statement recently in Salala District when he spoke with The NewDawn correspondent about the August 24th National Flag Day celebration in Liberia.

He indicated that those who represent the eleven stripes (six red and five blue) of the flag were not indigenous Liberians, but people who came and made themselves masters over the natives, noting that they did not care to recognize the indigenous Liberians.

The Flag of Liberia was made by six ladies led by Susanna Lewis, all settlers or free slaves from the United States.   Nothing further, he said Liberia lacks national identities, adding that even when he ascends to the senate, he will not honor the Flag of Liberia until it is changed.

Martin stressed that national identities such as the national language, songs and national consciousness must be considered in preparing a new flag or seal of Liberia that would reflect the true national image. The senatorial aspirant vowed that he would never place the flag on his vehicle, house or whatever he has in his life until he climbs “Jacob’s ladder” or dies.

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