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Former Lone Star Skipper Eyes FA Top Post

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A former captain of the senior national soccer team, the Lone Star, has disclosed plans to contest the FA’s presidency at the upcoming Liberia Football Association or LFA national congress due next month, despite his limited qualifications.

The LFA March 20th guidelines specifically Article XXXIII Section 33.2 states: proposed candidates for the presidency must be a member of the association; Article XXXIII Section 33.3 further states:  candidates must not be older than 60 years and younger than 25 years, while VI Section 6.9 calls for candidates to be an official of a club from Secretary General to the position of president.       

But Mr. Washington Blay, alias Defend Minister, told journalists during a joint interview that there are too much administrative bottle-necks at the FA, which he said has contributed to the lowering standard of the game in Liberia.

He said it was time that the FA had someone like him with the practical experience to lift the game from its current low. He vowed to raise issues concerning the FA electoral guidelines saying, “The present administration wants to perpetuate itself in power, which I won’t ascribe to.” Mr. Blay said when elected his primary focus would be seeking the players’ welfare.

“If a player falls on the pitch while playing a game, soccer administration calls for taking a decision to save the individuals life, before going to the drawing board to work with the practical administrative principals,” he said.

When asked for his platform, Mr. Blay said: “This is just a portion of my platform; I am now unveiling to take at the local football house, where I am promising to revive soccer in the country along with that knowledge of soccer administration I have.”

He said the current level of soccer, doesn’t need someone who hasn’t played on a pitch, and only willing to serve as an administrator, rather, he said, the game needs an individual who have played and is willing to impact both the players and their growth in the game.

“I always told people that soccer has died in the country, it’s only left to find the gravesite to be buried.  I am today saying that I can raise it from the dead” the aging Mighty Barrolle Defender said.

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