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Former NIC Boss reaches out

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaFormer National Investment Commission or NIC  Chairman Richard Tolbert, last weekend, identified with some residents of the Old Road Community, expressing his belief in giving to the poor.


Dr. Tolbert said his philanthropy work began back in Ghana, when he sponsored the Clara Tay Foundation at the Budubruram Refugee Camp from 2000-2001, where he provided education for over 1,200 Liberian orphan refugees- something, he said, he loves to do and will continue to do.

He is currently supporting the Liberian Christian Orphanage Mission, run by the Reverend Aloysius Toe in Careysburg- an institution that caters to up to 200 disadvantaged children prior to Ebola Virus disease in the country.

About 50 abandoned orphan children were supported by a foreign NGO up to the beginning of this year, but the foreigners reportedly abandoned the orphanage, only to be provided support by the former NIC Chairman.

He’s also using the opportunity to urge the Government of Liberia, as well as local and international organizations, to invest more in the human capacity-building and the education sector of the country- an investment, he said, will help develop the minds of the younger generation of Liberia.

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