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French Ambassador Pledges Commitment

French Ambassador to Liberia, Joel Godeau, has pledged his country’s commitment to supporting Liberia in its development agenda.

Ambassador Godeau saidt it was about time for the involvement of France  in Liberia’s post-Ebola recovery plan. He made the remarks recently at the commencement of a climate change Intended Nationally Determine Contribution or INDC workshop in Monrovia.
The INDC workshop – conducted under the auspices of the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, with support from the United Nation Economic Convention for Africa or UNECA, brought together government officials from line ministries and agencies, members of the diplomatic corps, as well as members of the civil society as well.
“As you all may know, France as co-chair with Peru of the COP 21, is always keen to achieve a global, universal and ambitious agreement; our objective is clear to deliver a timely and orderly agreement in Paris, by the end of the year. The agreement should, in particular, be universal, ambitious, Durable, Dynamic, Equitable and rules-based, covered in balance manner, with both mitigation and adaptation and plan through the means of implementation which include Finance, Technologies, Capacity-Building, and Transparency of both action , to support and provide a credible process to enable ambition in all of the areas to be improved,” he added.
The French Diplomat further indicated that the gathering of the Climate Change Intended Nationally Determine Contribution was crucial, and that each of them  was eagerly awaited. He said up to this point, the secretariat of the conference received the contribution of the 64 countries – some which include Benin and Cote d I’Voire.
He told participants that the publication of a large number of national contribution was expected until the deadline of October 1st, following which the secretariat will summarize the elements which the contribution contains, saying the finalization of the elaboration of the Liberia national contribution to the COP 21 will determine the role and influence of Liberia in the global agreement.
Meanwhile, the EPA has said that Liberia’s decision to pursue the INDC was based on the general consensus of community of nations which adopted the resolution at the 19th and 20th session Conference of Parties, wherein all parties were invited to developed INDC in order to achieve the objective of Article 2 of the United Nations framework convention on climate change or UNFCC.

By Lewis S. Teh -Edited by George Barpeen

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