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From Tree to Porch: Lonestar Listens to Subscribers

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The management of Lonestar Cell MTN has consistently upgraded and optimized the performance of their various towers/sites around the country, being the only operator present in many parts of Liberia.

For Lonestar Cell MTN, improving connectivity and building new sites/towers around the country is also a matter of security, for if residents in areas particularly near borders towns and cities are able to communicate and Customs, Border Patrol Officers, the Liberia National Police and other personnel can effectively communicate, it helps to protect the nation.

According to Tebogo Mogapi, Lonestar Cell MTN’s CEO, the customer’s experience is paramount to keeping the operations alive. According to him, no matter how difficult the journey may be in reaching to some areas, Lonestar Cell MTN must brave the challenges and install network towers in rural Liberia to connect residents throughout the country.

“We must play our part to make true the vision of the government with all of the passion and firm commitment we continue to witness on the part of President Sirleaf” said Mr. Mogapi.

True to this commitment, Lonestar Cell MTN as of January began the erection of towers in ‘hard to reach’ towns and villages around the country, improving the telecommunications experience of its over One Million subscribers.

Recently, a local Daily carried a story with a picture showing a resident in the Butaw (GVL)area in Sinoe County sitting at the top of a tree trying to make a call where for him reception was best.Residents in the Butaw (GVL) area had complained of lack of network coverage, reaching out to the various GSM companies in the country.

As is the attitude of Lonestar Cell MTN in trying to meet the communication needs of Liberians, a 55m Tower has been erected exclusively covering the Butaw (GVL) are in Sinoe, a major area where economic activities are picking up with the presence of Golden Veroleum Liberia Limited and other companies as Lonestar Cell MTN is the only GSM company that has responded to the needs of the residents in this area.

“The expansion of Network coverage is a top priority of Lonestar Cell MTN’s Management, for we see ourselves as relevant partners with the government of Liberia in the development of the telecom sector. We have made a commitment to connect all potential areas of Liberia and also continue providing world class telecommunication services.

For us, Sinoe County as many other areas in the South East provide an excellent opportunity to spur economic activities and change the lives of Liberians especially with the presence of Golden Veroleum” said Tebogo Mogapi.

Additionally, a new coverage site has been created with the erection of a 70m tower in    Sass Town, Grand Kru County allowing Grand Kru residents to communicate more widely, again in areas where economic activities are picking up and communication essential.

These new sites are strategic to economic growth and development in Southeastern Liberia because they cover areas where mining and other activities are taking place.

It can be recalled that similarly in 2011, Lonestar Cell MTN added new sites and improved in areas where there had previously been network difficulties.  Masam Bolahun, a town south of Foya, near Sosmoilahun Town and Ndambu in Lofa county came on air with  an active Lonestar Cell MTN tower where residents in these areas no longer had to ascend hills in order to receive signal to make calls.

According to Lonestar Cell MTN’s Chief Technical Officer, Wassim Ghanem, all Lonestar Cell MTN’s new sites are equipped with outdoor radio units and deep cyclic batteries which can run the site for a period varying between 12 to 18 hours per day without external power supply (generators), which, accordingto Mr. Ghanem is great for the environment.

Many subscribers, among them government officials and business people who hail from and are doing business in Sinoe and Grand Kru  counties have appreciated Lonestar Cell MTN for responding positively to the communication needs of the people.

Robert Fayiah, an employee at Golden Veroleum expressed excitement that he can now effectively access the internet using the Lonestar Cell MTN. He praised Lonestar Cell MTN for being a true leader in the telecommunications industry in Liberia and asked that the company continue its site expansion around the country.

‘As I see it, continued Fayiah, it is no longer necessary to climb a tree to access network, I can relax on my front porch or in my bedroom and communicate using Lonestar Cell MTN and for me, this is a revolution,’ he concluded.

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