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Front- page Comment: Let Tom Kamara Write!!

It appears that nowadays there is a harboring fear amongst state officials and other prominent citizens about what Tom Kamara, the opportunistic journalist of 40-year experience will write about them. These fears are often expressed-Tom will write about you oo!

Some of them may not have that much dirt to hide in their closets though, but the mere fact that the man goes around bad mouthing everybody as well as scheming here and there how to destroy young talents with impunity have caused many of these prominent Liberians to try as much as avoiding him.

Their resolve is somehow understandable owing to the fact that they don’t have the kind of platform that he has to go around bad mouthing people using insults and innuendoes as well as one sided articles just to settle some scores-it’s understandable.

But for him that is a victory achieved, an indication that he is untouchable and can write any crab about anybody and no one dare reply for fear that he would come back with more dossier on them-And so he reign supreme on the Liberian media scene like a strayed-dog .

Interestingly, Tom Kamara has an audience. But what do you expect in such a gullible society where every successful individual or state official is an enemy of the poor-a corrupt figure and a crooked.

In such a gullible society where people believe anything, Tom Kamara rides around with an air of authority, that crazy headmaster who keeps students and teachers in check.-and for our discussion state officials and prominent citizens.

Thus, the man is feared by all politicians and state officials with none having the bolls to stand up to him- All these for fear that he has a platform and would write nasty things about them-the half truths and all that.

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Come to think of it, their fears are justified, because in this society people take every trash to be the gospel truth. In this regard, newsmakers and politicians spare themselves the headache and embarrassment and choose to ignore him.

Some showered him with advertisements thinking that he will spare them their dear secrets, while others pretend to be tale bearers and feed him with information about this very government, even deep things that are discussed at breakfast tables just to spare them.

Let Tom Kamara write. The guy is no saint! He is greedy, and very opportunistic. He is just as corrupt as those state officials he writes about and has much dirt in his closet as compared to those he bad mouths and hunts down.

Okay, you may argue that those he bad mouthed are plundering state resources with impunity. For Christ’s sake, Tom Kamara does not care about who plunders your state resources. The guy is working with a template. The more negative stories mean more negotiations at the high level with more cash.

See the sudden changed in his reportage these few days. His latest productions are so because of his meeting at the Foreign Ministry with the power that be promising to corporate only if his newly enlisted enemy is sidelined in business.

In addition, what people forget to know is that the very New Democrat was established with state funds at the initial stage during the Interim Government of National Unity or IGNU regime. Asked the likes of Rep. Dusty Wolokollie, Deputy Finance Minister for Administration, Tarnue Marwolow, his lawyer Kenneth Wesso (to be dealt with later) and some other progressives, how they got kicked out and how the matter went before the Supreme Court or so.

Soon Tom Kamara would crook his friends and changed the shareholders to his wife who joined later and his only daughter, who resides in his native Sierra Leone owning 10%.

Soon Dusty Wolokollie, Tarnue Marwolow and others would thread the Liberian path, let leave it with God, like Othello B. Garblah did when he abandoned his car with Tom Kamara.

Tom Kamara has over the years portrayed himself as a transparent and straight forward man of standing-a man in whom you can find no dirt. But the guy is very dirty-dirtier than some of those he even criticized.

One thing that many Liberians don’t know is that the New Democrat was re-established by a Dutch based NGO called the Free Voice.

The Free Voice in 2005 provided an initial amount of Euro 300,000 and donated a printing machine to help reduce the cost of printing which was so astronomical at the time for local newspapers.

Tom Kamara wrote back after being queried by the NGO representative who came on a fact finding mission and met with other local publishers that the local media did not want to make use of the machine.

Meanwhile, he charges twice more than what others are charging. USD450 to print front and back colored 8 page news paper and 600 or so for 12-page colored back and front. That made the Democrat the only colored paper in town until recently.

The Euro 300.000 went straight into Tom Kamara’s Netherlands Bank Account like other contribution has been-that usually funds his holiday’s relaxation in Europe and oh the construction of his mansion off the Robertsfield Highway.

Anyway, out of that Euro 300,000 salaries were set at NGO standards. But Tom Kamara came back and drew out his own salary structure. The closer you are to him and his wife the more you earn. And the salaries are paid from monies generated here not from the funding.

Tom Kamara lie through his teeth that he has rural correspondents here that he pays USD1200 per month in his report to the Dutch NGO, when in fact he does not have one. The only rural stories that appeared in the New Democrat are those written by reporters who traveled to those leeward counties.

Read the New Democrat from 2005 March to 2010 and verified the truth.

If such a man would carried a screaming headlines on other organizations about ghost salaries, what different is this from him. Doesn’t he has a ghost payroll?

Tom Kamara speaks of accountability as if he sleeps and drinks it when he cannot honor his real tax obligations to the state-a crime to the state. Hopes auditors are reading with understanding.

The crooked little “baster” isn’t what he professes to be. Whenever the Dutch NGO sends auditors to audit his operations, he keeps them in hotels and sends them to Firestone to go and see live rubber trees.

Weeks before the auditors’ arrival news about their arrival have spread in the offices of the New Democrat. They only come upon arrival to speak and to sometimes say goodbye when they are about to leave.

Whatever report they carried back is left between Tom Kamara and them. And so you would have these concocted reports reaching donors.

But what documents are there for the auditors to review in the first place. The man’s wife is the law and gospel-the General Manager, the Pay Master, the Cashier, the Procurement Officer and Disbursement Manager. Every cash sales that come in goes into her hand bag and off she’s gone with her friend and when she returns, the bag is empty. Advertisement cash received are treated in similar manner.

Tom Kamara had to insist that he becomes signatory to the New Democrat USD account to safe his face with donor partners. That is how come the company checked-in account may have a little fund.

The man who criticizes everything has no good financial record system, under declared tax and is like nothing working from the inside. Yet, he opens up his loud mouth and rain insults and innuendoes at others.

Now, enlisted amongst his worst enemies is the young man Othello B. Garblah, who resigned from his, employed on November 30, 2009. He is now on a campaign to destroy the young man’s career making use of every opportunity he has to beg for help to tell others not to do business with him as a form of revenge that he left him to establish a competitive paper.

The Othello B. Garblah Factor is next! Follow by Tom Kamara’s secret confessions at the TRC verbatim!

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