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FRTU endorses Brumskine

As the Liberty Party campaign rolls on making strategic in-roads, the Federation of Transport Union of Liberia is the latest to come forth with an endorsement statement of Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine for the Presidency.

The group statement is representative of the fifteen political sub divisions of Liberia, which must not be limited to Gbarnga Bong County, where it was released. The Drivers say they are citizens of Liberia with strong stake and must identify with well-meaning Liberians that have the political maturity and human touch in making a difference in the lives of the masses.

According to the statement read to Cllr Brumskine on Saturday, “We have followed Brumskine in both private and political life” and are impressed by his exemplary service to deliver Liberia from the looming uncertainty bequeathed by the Unity Party government” the drivers said.

The drivers say their survey conducted that informed the position statement has empirically convinced them that Brumskine stands tall among other aspirants. Citing Brumskine’s past reforms at the level of the senate including the championing of ac-countability and transparency, rule of law and efforts in breaking foreign stranglehold on businesses, the drivers want to remind Liberians that these are no mean stewardship of man who has profusely demonstrated a spirit of patriotism.

The release further paid tribute to Cllr. Brumskine’s professional stature as a member of the Supreme Court bar in Liberia and the United States of America. According to an executive member of the drivers’ union, “these are qualities that bring re-spectability to the institutions of the presidency at this time when pretenders are making mock attempts to lower the prestige of the highest office.”

The drivers inclusive of car, truck owners and Transport workers have referred to the en-dorsement of Brumskine as an exercise in rewarding hard work of a man that can restore the lost glory of Liberia and make all citizens proud. It has been observed that drivers are very critical in any country’s socio-economic and politi-cal configuration-that is in insofar as they interact with a vast array of society and can be con-sidered as opinion shapers.

“Their pledge of support to any candidate cannot be dismissed as a cheap popularity exercise; it is something to take note of,” intoned a retired civil servant that attended the Gbarnga cer-emony.

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