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Fulani probed on murder at Qunicy – B funeral

A 24 year – old Fulani suspect Belide Barray is undergoing vigorous police investigation after allegedly admitting that he was involved in what was reported to be a gang rape and murder of a 42 year -old lady during a wake -keeping event for youthful Liberian musical star Quincy L. Burrowes or “Qunicy B”.

Claims of alleged gang – rape of the 42 year- old lady may beg deeper police probe, given argument by Police Spokesman Sam Collins during an interview Monday, 27 March that if Barray had linked any other person to the crime, it would have been revealed to the public, though investigation was still ongoing.

Suspect Barray was not allowed to speak with journalists, but police say residents spoken to at the corner of Benson and Lynch Streets, the incident site, have claimed that the victim and suspect Barray were in some relationship, and that she was always visiting the accused at a garage where her body was found.

Hundreds of Liberians and guests from other countries had trooped at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium or ATS on Friday night, 24 March for a wake – keeping event of the late Mr. Burrowes when the lady got allegedly attacked by rapists and died after some encounters.

Police Spokesman Sam Collins says nine suspects were arrested after the incident, but police have identified Barray as the prime suspect. He says the rest of the arrested persons will be signed for and released, but could be called back when police see it necessary.

“Well if the investigation had no reason to hold them …, I’m being informed that individuals … will sign for them”, Mr. Collins said, though he indicated that those to be released were not yet signed for at the time of the interview.

Mr. Collins had confirmed that the victim was found dead at a garage at the corner of Lynch and Benson Streets, saying “Belide Barray has admitted to committing the crime”.

He says Barray will be appropriately charged and forwarded to court for prosecution based on the outcome of the investigation, noting that police charge sheet will contain details of what may have led to the alleged rape and murder of the victim.

By Winston W. Parley


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