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Funny Things That Happen – Part I

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It is a fact that a lot of funny things happen in life all the time. They happen either to us or to other people whom we know or don’t know. Many of those funny things are never really shared with others. We keep them either because they are embarrassing, rude or because we forget to retell them at the right time. Da lie, my people? No, da na lie.

For me, I like to share all my funny experiences with others. I don’t know about embarrassment or shamefacedness. Besides, I hardly ever forget those experiences. And, for me, story telling da my area. You like it, jacko; you na like it, jacko lantern.

Although God has not told me directly, I believe that human beings are the funniest creatures on earth. We started our funny attitude in the Garden of Eden. We are very funny people.

Adam and Eve

Take Adam and his wife Eve, for example. After eating the forbidden fruit, and realizing that God was coming, the two funny people hid themselves behind one of the big trees in the Garden. Yes, Adam and his wife were hiding from God – at least that’s what they thought. Did they think that they could hide from God by standing behind some big tree? Adam was funny; Eve was funny. Funny people!

Another funny thing associated with Adam and his wife is the one about their covering their private parts after eating the fruit. The people were already husband and wife, yet they were hiding their nakedness from each other. It’s funny. And if they thought that they could hide their nakedness from God by putting some stupid leaves in front of themselves, they make the situation even funnier. They should have known that God can see through them to the intestines.

Fart in the Car

A few days ago, something funny happened to a man. He had been behind a beautiful girl in his community for days. He was dying with love for the girl and really wanted to have the opportunity to be with her, even if for fifteen minutes. Finally, the luck came – or did it?

He was leaving his Paynesville area and was going to town. The traffic was heavy that day; hence, the ride would have taken more than one hour. The girl, too, had just left her house and was coming to town, rushing on the road to find a car. As the guy drove the car, he saw the girl walking in front of him, just a few feet from the car.

The girl looked behind and saw him. Instantly, she stood and began to smile, realizing that the guy would stop for her – no question about it. They guy, too, really wanted to stop for her. It was a God-giving opportunity. However, he carried all the glasses up, showed his face on the other side and away he went, leaving the girl confused and stranded. Why? Well, just before seeing the girl, he had released some kind of fart in his own car, with the fart smelling as if they had just open a box of very rotten eggs. There was no way he was going to allow the girl to sit in that kind of fart.

The young man missed an opportunity because he farted in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some people just fart anywhere they see – church, classroom, office, bath tub, and so forth.

Hotel Catch-I-Catch

There is another funny thing that happened a few days ago. A guy took his girlfriend, a married woman, to a hotel for them to have fun. As soon as they were about to enter their hotel room, the guy’s wife and the woman’s husband, too, were coming out from another hotel room next to theirs. They had been enjoying themselves for hours.

You should have seen their faces as they stood looking at one another. As our small children would say, “Stick-ga catch everybody.” Anyway, in the process, the man coming in decided to put dry-face to work. “So you coming from eating my wife, you stupid dog,” he angrily asked the man coming out.

“No, I’m not coming from eating your wife,” responded the man. “Your wife and I came here because she hinted me that you are loving to my wife and that you people had planned to come here. So we are here only to catch you red-handed. It is you who have brought my wife here to eat her.”

“You are making a big mistake.” Reacted the guy coming in. “I’m not here to eat your wife. I’m here because your wife told me that you and my wife were having fun in this hotel. We came to check from room to room to see whether she was telling the truth.”

Before long, the talking changed to confusion, and the confusion changed to fighting. It’s funny, isn’t it? Everybody wants to eat somebody’s own, but nobody wants others to eat their own. Human beings are too funny. And funny things happen all the time.

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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