G/Bassa Explosion Leaves 9 Critical

Several persons are reported to be undergoing medical treatment at a hospital run by the Liberia Agriculture Company or LAC in Grand Bassa County.

They were rushed to the hospital following an explosion at the company’s rubber processing plant on Wednesday.

Out of the 17 wounded as a result of the explosion, according to State radio’s Grand Bassa County Correspondent, 9 are critical, while a few others received minor injuries.

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Wednesday’s explosion left the company’s entire rubber processing machinery completely destroyed, while the building was nearly demolished, according to the correspondent. The immediate cause of the explosion is yet to be revealed.

The meeting of the company’s management, county administration and some Lawmakers was held Wednesday following on the situation, following which a visit was made to the hospital.
Family members and friends of the victims of the explosion wept bitterly and uncontrollably as they visited the hospital.

The state radio correspondent did not detail the meeting of the company’s management, county administration and some Lawmakers, but quoted the company’s Human Resource Manager, Henry Abdullai as saying that the primary focus of the management was to restore the health of its affected workers.

Mr. Abdullai  said the management was also considering an arrangement for foreign doctors to compliment the efforts of local doctors, including Dr. Sherman of the Du Side Hospital in Firestone, Margibi County in fast-tracking the medication of the victims.

Company security and the Liberia National Police are currently investigating Wednesday’s explosion, even though the initial cause of the incidence has not been established.

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