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“GAC losts relevance”

A former General Auditing Commission (GAC) employee Mr. Dwana B. Sesay is claiming that the anti – graft entity has lost its relevance due to alleged bad leadership by top officials at the institution.

Mr. Sesay told audience Thursday, 15 February when he appeared on Prime FM that the GAC is not allegedly depositing audit fees in government account, urging the Ministry of Justice to act upon this information.

He is suggesting that audit fees are meant for revenue generation for the country, alleging that the leadership at the GAC has not focused on the key element that the institution needs to push for a better society.

According to him, the current leadership at GAC does not believe in capacity building, and staffs are no longer respected at the GAC. Mr. Sesay observes that audit comes with competence and therefore people who work at the GAC must be individuals that have the technical knowhow and way forward.

“What we are saying is just a red flag and we hoping President Weah will take note on these things to make proper investigation so as to carry a comprehensive audit that will cover the period for former auditor General John Morlu’s days to present,” he adds.

Mr. Sesay indicates that there are several measures that can transform the GAC, saying the first thing to do is to build the morale of the employees. According to him, when you booster the morale of auditors by providing training, and giving them capacity building including good incentive, then you will have a good workforce.

The former GAC employee says auditors are people that will identify the problem for the society to be build, stressing that if they are not well taken care off, they will find it difficult to identify problems that are affecting the institution.

Talking little about himself, Mr. Sesay said he lost a scholarship when authorities terminated his study at China University due to what the GAC allegedly termed as a breach of the Commission’s policy when he offered his perspective on the Private Sector Development Initiative (PSDI) Audit Report.

The public affairs section at GAC has not responded to allegations made by Mr. Sesay, despite phone calls and a text message sent there, outlining the claims to get GAC’s comment.

By Lewis S. Teh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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