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GAC was unprepared

-LNP claims

The Liberia National Police claims that auditors of the General Auditing Commission or GAC were not prepared to grant the police audience at an “exit conference” where they hoped to have thrashed out issues the GAC may have misunderstood.

Out of reported US$9,450 disbursed to the LNP to fight Ebola, the GAC claims to have observed a variance of US$3,357 with no supporting documents, receipts and invoices, with recommendation that the Police Spokesman Sam Collins and Community Services Head ACP Theodora Woart account for the amount in question.

The Auditors recommend further that Police Director Chris Massaquoi, Comptroller Varney Sheriff, Spokesman Sam Collins, and ACP Woart account for US$2,782; saying they have observed variances of US$2,550 payment to Mr. Collins and $232 to ACP Woart.

But Deputy Police Director for Operations Mr. William K. Mulbah claimed that the LNP was denied audience at an “exit conference” with the GAC, and that auditors did not do the police due diligence and allegedly issued a report to the Public Account Committee or PAC squarely intended to tarnish other’s reputation.

The “exit conference” is held at the concluding stage of an audit when, in a conference, the auditee is given the opportunity to provide more clarity to the auditors during discussion on issues the auditors may have misunderstood to get them out of the report.

“We think the auditors at the GAC were not prepared during the exit conference; we did not discuss issues they may have not understood- they presented the report to the PAC,” said Mr. Mulbah.

During the audit of the LNP’s Ebola spending, Mr. Mulbah argued that the LNP provided the GAC auditors all original documents, including receipts and vouchers; followed by additional documentation relating to observations  raised in “the management letter” that was intended for discussion between GAC and the LNP.

Unfortunately, Mr. Mulbah claimed that the GAC fell short of the auditing procedures, allegedly limiting or affording no time or opportunity… to offer a redress “in the exit conference.”

The Deputy Police Chief accused the GAC auditors of claiming to be “time pressed” to submit their report to the PAC.

Regarding ACP Woart’s payment of alleged US232.00 from US3,500.00, Mr. Mulbah during launch of Ebola prevention campaign by the LNP in Dolo Town, Margibi County in September 2014, Mr. Mulbah argues that there are receipts for purchase US$45 bread from Family Bakery in Duala; and assorted items purchased from Abu’s Enterprise in Duala, including sardines, seasons, onions, mayonnaise, cane soft drink, aluminum foil, napkins, among others.

He said only US$10 spent for the purchase of ice did not have receipt.

Besides, Mr. Mulbah shifted blames of the LNP’s failure to fully submit financial documents from Spokesman Sam Collins to auditors on alleged “difficulty to obtain from journalists … receipts… for compensation made to them” for coverage of conferences other than adverts.

“Journalists provided compensation did not provide receipts [nor] signed for payment made to them,” Mr. Mulbah claimed.

“Despite the compensation to individual journalists who traveled with the LNP from Monrovia to Dolo Town, Margibi County… the LNP paid for additional media services for live broadcast on four radio stations including NUBIAN FM, TRUTH FM, STATE RADIO LBS AND FABRIC; Pictorial in two newspapers to include: FrontPageAfrica and, Inquiry; Two television special features on Power TV and the Liberia Broadcasting System.”

Finally, Mr. Mulbah claimed that the LNP procured seven YAMAHA Power Generators from the CICA Motors Liberia Inc, formerly TOYOTA Garage at the cost of US$1,085.00.

Rather than doing physical audit, he accused the GAC of only showing concerned whether or not officers deployed were signing for their allowances.

However, Mr. Mulbah said six generators were distributed with the exception of “the one intended for Fish Town, Mary Land” due to earlier closure and it was returned to LNP Central Logistics.

Mr. Mulbah said the generators were supplied to [six] sites in Gbokomu, Gbarpolu County; Dewehn, Grand Gedeh County; Timbo Bridge, River Cess County; Zabay Town, Sinoe County; Dialah, Grand Gedeh County and Fish Town, River Gee County.

By Winston W. Parley

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